XKCD Widget for RPi

Get your daily dose of XKCD with this python based random comic widget. Designed to run on Raspberry Pi Official 7″ LCD (800×480) but easily adapted to other screens and other picture sources if you wish.

Get the latest Python file from my GitHub: https://github.com/CactusProjects/xkcd-widget

Open up the terminal, install python packages and create a directory to keep things neat and put the github file into it:

sudo apt-get install python-bs4
sudo apt-get install python-imaging python-pil.imagetk
cd /home/pi/
mkdir code
#Copy the xkcd.py file into this directory/folder from GitHub.

Test the file:

python /code/xkcd.py

Great, all should work, lets create a Desktop shortcut:

cd /home/pi/Desktop/
nano xkcd.desktop

To make the shortcut work paste in the below code to this file and Ctrl + x to exit.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=XKCD Widget
Comment=For Official RPI LCD.
Exec=python /home/pi/Desktop/code/xkcd.py

Give the shortcut executable permissions:

chmod +x xkcd.desktop 

Double click on the desktop icon and all should work. Currently do not have a logo for the icon but this is on the to do list.

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