Easy Media Management with exiftool

I struggled for years to manage pictures effectively but a nice Linux tool (exiftool) exists to make it very manageable, here are some use cases I use frequently:

Change all times of all pictures in directory by one hour:
(change number/sign for any other hours, it is clever and will adjust day if crosses midnight etc.)

$ exiftool -AllDates+=1 -overwrite_original *

Remove all EXIF metadata from images with “.jpeg” extensions only:

exiftool -all= *.jpeg

Add if statements to operations if required: (for example only adjust picture taken with Canon Cameras)

$ exiftool -AllDates+=1 -overwrite_original -if '$make eq "Canon"' -r *

Some other rename commands that help with naming if required:

Cuts start of filename: (by 4 letters, adjust as required) (-n = dry run)

$ rename -n -v  's/^(.{4})//' *

Changes file extensions from upper case to lower case.

rename 'y/A-Z/a-z/' *.JPG

That’s it for now!

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